Koda (Portraits of Friends and Family)

This is Koda. We met 2 years ago this month online in a group for trans men. He visited me in August of this year. He has been a great person in my life. I’m very grateful for him.

2019 Albums

I better not try too many more albums from 2019 before December because I’m gonna have a rough time picking a top 19. This is something I am so grateful for in the days of the internet. As much as I love music and always have, even if I shoplifted a bunch of albums (which I did) it would have been very difficult to get my hands on 30+ brand new albums, listen to them all and rate them. I know I probably acquired more than 30 new-to-me albums a year, but most I bought used or from the cut out bin. I probably only bought about 10-15 brand new albums a year. They’re expensive when first released and when I shoplifted in the 90’s the new albums were better protected and harder to steal. I mostly stole tapes and used CDs.

When Napster came around I felt like I hit the jackpot. We used up all our computer’s memory with stuff from Napster fast. Now we have stuff like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, BandCamp, Amazon Prime Music, etc. You might have to pay a little for best use of those sites, but you have access to practically everything. I can easily listen to 30+ albums a year, and this year I have.

Here are pictures of some of the albums I have enjoyed, in no order.

I will be picking a top 19 in December and will try to write about them all and why I picked them.

Cooking for the Week

I made this soup tonight.

Here’s my mom’s recipe she sent me.

I made this tonight too

I haven’t tried it yet but it looks good. Here is the recipe for that…


I’m meeting my parents for dinner tomorrow and then I will have this available to eat later in the week. We might be getting snow and we’re definitely getting some freezing temperatures, so soup was a good choice.

Challenging Days

It’s been a busy day. It feels like almost nothing has gone right but it hasn’t all been bad. I had a decent appointment, my groceries were delivered to my door rather than left outside (even though several of them were poor substitutes for what i ordered and now i don’t have all of what i need to make soup and my vitamin D dosage is not nearly enough), my burrito dinner was good despite them forgetting the extra guacamole i paid for. Luckily the one it came with was plenty for what i needed. I got extra fresh air and a little movement going because i was an idiot and had to take 2 trips to the ATM since i only took out half of what i needed the first time. I trimmed my beard and shaved. The beard trimming went okay but i cut myself shaving with a new blade. Now i am waiting on a weed delivery and hoping that goes okay. The weed i have right now isn’t an ideal strain for me on its own, so i’m hoping this Darth Vader OG works better to relax me. I wanna take a nap but they could be here in 20 minutes or 2 and a half hours. i have to clean the litter box, edit, rap, send out another query letter, cook my soup for the week, clean, and so on but i might take the night off and watch Shameless and God Friended Me. I don’t think i’m gonna get that nap in and i have to wake up for appointments the next 3 days too. Maybe i can sleep late on thursday. My cat is getting some rest.

I did get some good news this weekend that my art is going up in a cool art building called The Armory in Somerville. I recognize the place as I have driven by it and you can’t help but notice it. It’s very unique architecture.

I don’t know when it goes up yet but soon. I also got a payment for a print today. I’m excited people are buying my prints. Life isn’t so bad but today has definitely been a bit of a challenge.

This just came though, my Dark Vader OG. It looks good. This is just a pinch of it. I smoked a little and definitely like it more than the Sour Berry. The Sour Diesel in it bothers me. This is an OG Kush so it should be more ideal.

Time to chill.

Busy Art Day

I gotta wind down soon. I’ve had a busy day. I woke up to news that my art is going up at The Armory in Somerville soon. This is their web site.


I’m excited about that. I need to bring prints and stickers over to the art gallery soon. I have 40 prints ready to give to the gallery to sell but I didn’t have any stickers so I made these tonight

I had an afternoon appointment and got dishes and a little cleaning done, I ate leftover shepherds pie, I edited a few chapters of my book, I researched agents to send my book to and sent to a couple more people. I shaved smoked weed and listened to music. I’ve been re-listening to stuff I liked from 2019 so I can make a top 9 at the end of the year. It’s hard to pick. There’s a lot of good ones. Right now I’m listening to Hell’s Roof by DJ Muggs and eto. It’s mostly about crack, but it’s really good.

I feel like I’ve done even more than that today. It’s been pretty much non stop busy. It was a good day though.

I’m grateful for my mental health workers, my cat, my parents, my sisters, music, my friends, my boyfriends, social media, blogging, the food i ate and the fact that my diet is going better, for my bath and the soap my friend made, for people buying my art and the good news about the Armory. I’m grateful for medical marijuana, healthcare, creativity, a brain, decent physical health and abilities (even if not perfect), for the beautiful foliage right now, for food delivery services, for the fact that I’m organized enough to do everything I’m doing and still remembered to start my holiday shopping in October in order to get it all done in time and to be able to afford it. Anyway, life is good. I am grateful. I have come a long way and I’m very grateful for that too.